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Roseola rash on torso, roseola means "rose rash". Read on to discover the symptoms of roseola, and to learn how to treat this common condition. Some children will experience very mild symptoms, while others will host a wide range of symptoms, including a high fever, rash, decreased appetite, swollen eyelids and mild diarrhea. As long as your child is drinking well, do not worry if their appetite decreases for a few days.

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Suomen kuumin seksi -sivusto. A look at roseola, a viral infection that includes fever and rash. Included is detail on what the rash looks like and risk factors for the infection. Roseola ihottuma menee pois ilman läketieteellistä hoitoa.

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Jos olet huolissasi, jos lapsellasi on roseola? Roseola on yleensä harmiton virusinfektio. Find out how to recognize and treat the signs and symptoms of a roseola infection. Roseola, also known as sixth disease, is a common and highly contagious childhood infection. Click here to learn more about how to soothe symptoms naturally.

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